Why B-Limitless?

In order to answer this very important question, I need to tell you who I am, and why I’m so sure that B-Limitless programs are right for you regardless of your age and experience with gym work and fitness programs.

I’m Robert Whyte, I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, born 43 years ago, and am the younger of two children, a boy and a girl, raised by our mother and father in a tough inner-city community where you had to be strong physically and mentally to survive the daily challenges of gang warfare, drugs, and the ills of real poverty, to achieve your goals.

During my formative years, I had to overcome the stigma of being the fat kid on the block and learn to accept myself for who I am. This I did, and was very comfortable in my skin but always felt there was more, that something was missing. As time passed I became more active and soon started going to a local gym. The peace of mind I discovered from being physically fit and seeing the positive results of exercise and diet on my body created a desire for me to share my experience and to help others – I had found the missing piece! Like many everyday people, however, I relapsed; I soon put the weight back on and it was through the self-doubts and denials that followed that after a few years I realized that what I lacked was the total commitment to change and a holistic healthy lifestyle. This second discovery, made 10 years ago has seen me embarked on the journey that has now culminated in the creation of the B-Limitless Plans designed to help everyone who does not want to settle, and desires to achieve more, something close to, if not quite there, at their full potential.

This, therefore, is my special invitation to you to come join me on a quest to discover how living a chemical-free, healthy organic life coupled with regular exercise, and meditation is the best gift you can give your body and mind – your most precious possessions.

I’m eager to share our experiences and growth with you, and also to learn from your experiences too, provide you with encouragement, and guide you on the path to success with a disciplined approach using the simple easy to follow steps of the incredible B-Limitless Plans.



Robert & his Team have over 20 years of experience in the Fitness field and even with online training, they will provide ongoing individual support. We will monitor your progress to ensure that you achieve your personal goal by combining our fitness knowledge and expertise along with our signature personal touch.


We Will teach you the true meaning of living ‘Healthy’ on a daily basis. Through our weekly Instagram and Facebook posts, We’ll show you how to make healthy ‘Clean’ choice when grocery shopping, and how to interpret food labels to ensure that you understand what they mean and not be misled.


Robert’s Plans are directly customized to your specific body type. I will manually go to your member’s questionnaire that you submitted and customize your program as per your individual lifestyle and habits. Your plan will be written with an emphasis on YOUR ‘identified’ problem area, and through communication along with your bi-weekly check-ins, I’ll keep adjusting your Workout Program for ultimate results.